Looking for a man perm? Look no further than The Inn Barbers!

Looking for a man perm? Look no further than The Inn Barbers!

When you picture a perm, you probably envisage a massive 80s hairdo sitting on top of a women’s head.

Thankfully, things have changed, and beyond the fact that modern perms don’t necessarily have to be big, they’re also making their way onto the tops of men’s heads, too!

You may have spotted guys with what look like perms while out and about, and this is largely down to the rise of the ‘man-bun’ era opening up all manner of doors for gents styling.

And, let’s not forget chaps like Kit Harington, who’s luscious Jon Snow locks have made many a man wish they could gain a few curls themselves. Of course, you don’t have to go full ‘Jon Snow’, which is why more gentle perm options are becoming so popular for guys.

There’s just three things to bear in mind before opting for a perm:

1) It’s permanent

This doesn’t mean you’ll have curly locks for the rest of your life, but until the permed hair is cut out, it’ll stay there; you can’t wash it out with a few shampoos once you get bored with it.

2) It may damage your hair

As with any chemical service, perms can damage hair. This isn’t catastrophic damage, but if your hair is relatively weak or easily damaged, you may experience lasting problems.

3) It’s best avoided if your hair is over-processed

If you have your hair regularly coloured or highlighted, a man perm may not be a good idea. Too much processing is never a good thing.

However, we certainly don’t want to put you off a man perm, but if you’re having second thoughts, the following video may convince you it’s worthwhile:

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